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About Us

Our Mission

Fleming Fast Freight Inc. is committed to excellence in customer service by providing cost effective, damage free, tracable deliveries. Your Freight is only a call away!

Our Vision

Fleming Fast Freight Inc. wishes to deliver higher standards of excellence through commitment, communication and reliability. Fleming Fast Freight is a growing freight and warehousing company that is always looking for new ways to accomodate your needs.


Satisfaction - Fleming Fast Freight wants to ensure that all our customers and employees are satisfied. Satisfaction is just the beginning at Fleming's; we wish to exceed expectations so that you know you matter.


Equality - Everyone matters at Fleming Fast Freight, big or small we are ready and willing to accomodate your needs.


Respect - You give it, you get it. Here at Fleming's, we are careful to ensure that you are respected.


Vision - The future is unknown, that is why we plan to advance with the times to ensure you receive the best possible results. Technology is advancing every day, so we take action to advance with it.


Influence - Fleming Fast Freight is reaching for top level of Standards to be an example to business. We are doing business right in the hopes to enhance your experience with us.


Commitment - We are here to get the job done and done right, so that you may rest easy knowing that Fleming Fast Freight is on the job.


Excellence: Striving to master the freight industry to enable you to do more for less. Fleming Fast Frieght is here to be at the top of the game with it comes to your frieght and warehouse needs.

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